CRS Data Bolsters MLS Tax Suite with Earth Advantage’s Green Building Registry

Knoxville, Tenn. – February 12, 2024CRS Data, a leading provider of property tax data in the U.S. and Canada, is pleased to announce an innovative new partnership with Earth Advantage’s Green Building Registry (GBR). Through this powerful new partnership, CRS Data’s MLS Tax Suite will connect to GBR’s proprietary API, displaying environmental and home performance information within real estate listings – including energy labels, solar installations, and green building certifications (LEED, EnergyStar, and more). This new partnership further empowers CRS Data’s customers with access to the most comprehensive property data platform in the country.

“Triangle Multiple Listing Service in Raleigh, NC was one of our first customers to participate in the initiative with Earth Advantage and the Green Building Registry,” said Sara Cooper, CRS Data’s Executive Vice President of the Real Estate Market. “We understand that today’s homebuyers are increasingly conscious about energy efficiency and the environmental impact of their homes. This partnership allows us to better serve their needs by providing them with comprehensive, accurate and verified information about the energy performance of listed properties. We believe this integration will help in supporting informed decisions, fair valuations, and ultimately, a greener future.”

Third-party certified green home data collected by Earth Advantage’s Green Building Registry integrates directly into MLS Tax Suite. This data can be auto-populated into a listing at the time of creation – without the need for manual input. Earth Advantage’s GBR data aggregation platform houses data directly from credible third-party home performance certification programs. The system employs RESO to ensure data-mapping is accurate and consistent.

Since 2017, Earth Advantage’s Green Building Registry has focused on making home performance data both transparent and accessible. The organization is committed to helping the real estate market meet the realities of a rapidly changing market. Until recently, very little data was available about a home’s energy performance standards or beneficial attributes for use in purchase or lease decisions. The GBR brings progress and transparency to bridge the gap and empower the real estate market with transparency and accuracy.

MLSs that are interested in accessing this data should connect first with GBR and then reach out to CRS Data for integration within your MLS Tax Suite configuration.

About CRS Data: Headquartered in Knoxville, Tenn., CRS Data is a leading provider of public property record information servicing bankers, MLSs, appraisers, investors, and other specialty financial customers across the U.S. CRS Data is focused on providing accurate and timely property data, quality products and unparalleled customer satisfaction. Visit to learn more.

About Earth Advantage: Earth Advantage is a non-profit organization helping to advance a more informed and humane housing market. We work to ensure the US housing market recognizes the elements of homes that create climate risk and values the characteristics of homes that provide climate solutions. Our teams partner with entities across the country to develop tangible, systemic solutions for climate-friendly housing. For more information visit